PRIZES (for USA Competition)

  • If the USA Competition has a minimum of 3 to 9 participating couples, the prize is $500 for the winning couple. 
  • If the USA Competition has 10 to 15 registered couples, the prize is $1000 for the winning couple. 
  • If the USA Competition has 16 or more couples, the prize is: A TRIP TO COMPETE IN B.A.
    • 2 flights to Buenos Aires from USA (Miami-Buenos Aires) 
    • 4 nights accommodation in Buenos Aires.
    • A place to compete in the semifinal of PV in December 2018. 


The cost of registration for the USA Competition is:
Early Bird (Ends Dic 15th)  - $200 per couple. 
After Dic 15th - $250 per couple.

All PV competitors are automatically allowed free entry into the milonga each night.

All PV competitors are given discounted workshop price during festival.


Registration consists of 3 STEPS. In the first step, pay the registration fee using the link below. In the second step enter personal data.  In the third step, send the audio file of the song you have selected for your choreographed variation.  Once we receive the song, our team edits it and sends you the variation, ready to compete.  REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL ALL 3 STEPS ARE DONE.




• Send the entire song which has the variation you have choreographed to compete.
• Enter the same email you used in the form above.
• The file should not exceed 6MB.


  • Open Competition for PROFESSIONAL and NON-PROFESSIONAL dance couples.

  • The competition will consist of ONLY ONE VARIACION

  • As part of the registration, the participating couple must SEND, the MUSIC of the tango they intend to perform during the Competition. Only tangos with Variacions at the end will be considered.  That selection will then be evaluated and subject to approval by the Organizing Committee.  Once the tango is approved, the participant will receive the VARIACION READY TO COMPETE. No changes will be allowed.

  • During the Competition, the couple may modify the CHOREOGRAPHY, but not the MUSIC.

  • The contestants will perform only the variacion of the tango they choose. The minimum duration of such performance consists of two eights (measures of musical time) until the end of the song. The performance ends with the ending of the variacion. 

  • The music for the performance will begin a maximum of 12 seconds prior to the Variation. 

  • The length of the chosen Variacion will not be taken into account by the judges,  as long as it is a minimum of two eights measures of musical time.

  • No elements (i.e.handkerchiefs, umbrellas, etc.) are allowed during the Variacion part of the performance.

  • If a couple passes into the next round, semifinal or final,  there will not be any replacements of either dancer. 


  • The judges will be composed of professional and highly-esteemed Tango couples.

  • The judges will be considering the following when making their decision:

1) Precision                                          

2) Elegance of Movement                  

3) Musicality

4) Originality

5) Difficulty

  • The maximum score a couple can get are 50 points, 10 for each concept and the minimum are 5 points.



  • In each round, the scores of the JUDGES will decide the WINNING couples for each round.


  • In the case of a tie in the Judges’ votes, the criteria would be to allow those couples to perform for a second time 


  • What is understood as a variation:  The passage of notes added and harmonized as counterpoint to the natural melody of a tango.  It is structured as said melody, which one or two periods of eight measures each.

How PV Works:

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